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የመጀመሪያው የአህያ ቄራ ተከፈተ Donkey Meat Up for Export, Slaughterhouse Opens

Ethiopia is to export donkey’s meat, following the start of operations at a slaughterhouse in Bishoftu (Debrezeit) town, 48Km east of Addis…


According to the Addis Abeba based business weekly, Addis Fortune, the first ever donkey slaughterhouse has been opened in Ethiopia with a cost of 80 million birr. The company will export the meat to Vietnam and the skins of the donkeys to China, which will be used to manufacture medicines.

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The factory was torched down by protesters in Bishoftu/Debre Zeit town a few months ago, according to Fortune.

Another donkey abattoir is being constructed by Chinese investors in Assela, Arsi, Oromo region of Ethiopia, the newspaper added.


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