A tale whose origin was perhaps Arabian or European that many of us grew up familiar with goes somewhat like this:

‘A clever thief came to an emperor who loved elegance and persuaded him that he could weave a new cloth so fine and exquisite that it would appear invisible to the unsophisticated sensibilities while its beauty appeals greatly to the refined and noble eyes. Impressed by the description of the new cloth, the emperor commissioned his new wardrobe. After some days the clever thief appeared to the emperor and announced the completion of it. The emperor tried on his new outfit.  Although the emperor stood naked before the mirror, he could not think of himself as too unrefined to see the cloth. Instead, he perceived as he had been conditioned to perceive; he saw the finest clothing in all the land and the thief admired it. The emperor complimented the thief on his extraordinary work and he showed off his clothing to the dignitaries too. The dignitaries also marveled at the emperor’s new cloth fearful that they would be seen as lacking sophistication if they admitted they didn’t see any cloth on the emperor. A grand parade was then held in the city to display the emperor’s new cloth and the people in the city did not want to say they did not see the cloth as their character would be judged by it, but a child in the arms of a spectator cried, “the emperor is naked” and in a moment the illusion of the emperor’s new cloth dissolved and everyone could see the simple truth’.

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