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Black Friday led to card record – again

Cards were used historically many times during this year’s Black Friday – but the record for sales is three years old.

Norwegians used the card almost 8.7 million times during this year’s Black Fridayon November 24. On average, each and every Norwegian used the card .6 times, a total increase of 8.7% from the crazy shopping day last year.

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– Never before have the cards been used so many times, says Press Officer for Nets in Norway , Stein-Arne Tjore, in a press release.

The same, he said in a press release last year, when Black Friday 2016 beat the record for how many times the cards was used in one day. Last year it took a few months before the record was once again broken, this time at the Christmas trade call on December 22, 2016. Then it was about 8.1 million card purchases and a turnover of around NOK 3.6 billion.

Turnover increase of 0.3 billion

Last year’s figures meant that we spent a total of 3.3 billion on Black Friday last year. The figures this year ended with a turnover of NOK 3.6 billion, 0.3 billion more than last year.

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– Based on card statistics, it seems that the time between 11 am and 6 pm was most hectic for trading. There were also many who went on in the evening, because it was significantly more card usage until 10 pm than usual on a Friday, says Tjore.

Turnover record from 2014 is still heading

Despite the fact that the card usage has experienced a big increase – both generally during the past year, and for Black Friday in itself – it was not possible for the trading bonanza to break old sales records on Friday.

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– The day with the highest turnover using cards dates back to December 22, 2014 and was NOK 3.8 billion, says Tjore to

The cards used this year were in addition to BankAxept cards also international cards, credit cards and electronic gift cards.

It is obvious that the American trade tradition with large price reductions and big offers is here to stay. In the United States, Black Friday has existed since the 50’s. Here at home it was in 2010 that was the first real year with the immense shopping day, traditionally on the day after Thanksgiving.

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