Bereket Semion: The most enabler of TPLF and disabler of Ethiopians recently said, the fanfare the Amhara and Oromos wanted to create understanding and unity is against what is established as a norm. In his view

by Dr. Dejenie A. Lakew

It is a confirmation to my long-standing understanding of TPLF and its beneficiaries how they think, function and exist. The foundation and thereby the subsequent substructures added to build a structure determine the type of the structure, in terms of size, height, strength and stability. Likewise our persona and actions we make are based on our way of thinking, our way of looking at reality and the meanings we give and represent in our minds. I present speeches of three TPLF long-standing members gave recently in different medias and see how they think and what their collective persona is.

Abay Tsehaye recently said to his audiences: how ridiculous and unthinking it is to question the national development programs that exist and run by TPLF – Tigray first, Tigray first, Tiray first, all the time Tigray and TPLF members first government. He paused a question with bewilderment to his audiences, what kind of thinking it is to say regions which have more people and bigger sizes should have received more attention from the government, to have more schools, more universities, hospitals and more infrastructures in general than regions with fewer number of people and smaller in size. He expressed angrily to his audiences of Tigray, how that kind of thinking is illogical, unreasonable and disgusting. If this will happen, he said, it is preferable EPRDF be dismantled.

In his view and in his desires, philosophies and decisions to make, Tigray should be the first place to receive everything what Ethiopia has, and what it receives from the outside world and nobody should question that and EPRDF is created to give legitimacy to this TPLF’s illegal activity. The rest of Ethiopia gets what is left and what TPLF permits based on loyalty. The idea sounds like something you will imagine in nightmares, not in real human society that wants to live forever side by side, sharing what they have and intermingled. This is a person who has been and still is in political power presumably “took” the trust of all Ethiopians for fairness of political and human rights, distribution of wealth and resources in an equitable way.

However he proved himself that he is not occupying office for fairness and equitability of resources but a delusional, irrational and a person of an epileptic mind, who is not conscious of the country he lives and what he is doing. It is not the question of fairness and reasonableness, the conscience of decency and valuing peaceful coexistence that is illogical and perplexing, but it is his and his TPLF barbarian friends delusion and desire of taking resources only to them which is perplexing. There is no any part of our body to listen to what TPLF members have to say, as we know they are a world standard liars who live in the distant past of the human evolution as our distant ancestors than what Ethiopians are now.

Arkebe Equbay: As recently as probably last week or so, said on his twitter, Jews are only 9 million and yet they rule the world, which no a single Jew person claims that assertion, except the epileptic mind of a TPLF member and beneficiaries, and nobody believes what this guy had said, as it is an outright lie fabricated from the epileptic mind of a TPLF member for the purpose of catering TPLF blind supporters to stay with TPLF until the end of TPLF burial. The world is neither ruled by the Jews nor it is ruled by any other particular human species. Just imagine how TPLF members thinks, just go deep in to their brain and see what the images of the outside world look like in their brain? How truth is placed and interpreted in it? What image they create when they see Ethiopia, Ethiopians, and Tigray and a person from Tigray?

These are very important psychological questions a reasonable person want to know when encountered a TPLF member. He argues therefore Ethiopians should quietly live without complaining against TPLF and the minority Tigray first dictum, they have to succumb to the rule of the TPLF and the minority Tigray people. It is mind-blowing to hear such words from a person of Tigray who literally had a tradition of complaining on Ethiopia and on Amharas for every problem they had, human made, natural or otherwise.

The people of Gonder named a place, Tigrie Mechohiya “ ትግሬ መጮሂያ” where the people from Tigray used to come to Gondar and complain about every problem they had to the Gondar kings of Ethiopia. Arkebe forgets everything of the past as they have an intentional deletion key of the past and does not care and think for the future either, that things will change and what their fate might be. What we have done today will gauge what our future might be. There is a saying, do not dig the hole dipper as no one knows who will be the one to be in first. TPLF members dig holes dipper and they are certain Ethiopians are the first and the last to be in it.

Bereket Semion: The most enabler of TPLF and disabler of Ethiopians recently said, the fanfare the Amhara and Oromos wanted to create understanding and unity is against what is established as a norm. In his view, the norm is that Ethiopia is a fragmented and disunited regions of disliking, language enclave societies where they all fight each other to exist in their own enclaves. This is a text-book manual of making animals engage in fighting each other while you take things from their territory, since they only focus on their fight not on their properties and that is what Bereket Semon is telling Ethiopians. He believes TPLF members are smart enough to create that norm which is conducive for TPLF but bad for Ethiopians. The past Ethiopia, he argues, is no more here, TPLF created a situation that exists now and that is what the norm in his thinking and what Ethiopians should accept and live.

This idea is also promoted to be valid by Seyum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye and other TPLF members, that the unity between Amharas and Oromos , the unity between all Ethiopians is an impossible try, it is history, it is over. Bereket Semon once said, this generation does not know what Eritrea is and that is what TPLF wanted, and what actually has happened, but his ignorance has no limit, humans learn, educate themselves and seek knowledge to know the past, know history and try to amend mistakes that were committed by mindless people like Bereket Semion. The Germans did fix their past mistakes and become one united country that dominates Europe in every aspect of life and one of the formidable economic powers of in the world. The Koreans are discussing to unite their country as they realised that division harts them more than it helps. The surprising thing is that these people still occupy political offices in Ethiopia, presumably representing the country and its citizens from within and outside, but making irreparable damages to the country.

With all these anecdotal prompting talks in style from these few anti Ethiopia, TPLF representatives, we come to realize that the TPLF gangs are determined for another rounds of decades of abusing Ethiopians and Ethiopia until they stand out unchallenged powerful minority, not to succumb to any power that is emerging in Ethiopia. To that end, TPLF is deceiving Ethiopians through the state of emergency giving a TPLF military takeover of a political power, that Ethiopians are doomed to be ruled by TPLF for all time.

But that is an illusion, a disconnect from reality and a TPLF epileptic mind. Ethiopia will soon be free from these barbaric people who happened to be in political power by the help of the outside world, political financial and military, not knowing what they really are. What Herman Cohen said about them is quite enough, he was their confidante, their power deliverer and king-maker, but not anymore. Mistakes are human, and they are excusable, but deliberate and intentional harm to a country and to the whole citizenry for such a long time is inexcusable and unforgettable.

Some innocent Ethiopians talk about peace and reconciliation with TPLF and its members. They expressed worrisome about the dangers the country faces. I see that as a naivety, a disservice to the cause of Ethiopians, forgetting the horrors, pains and agony the country and its citizens went through for decades. The fact of the matter is, there is no danger in the country as we speak, but there is a hope on the horizon that TPLF and its enablers will be eliminated. Ethiopians suffered; annihilated from the villages they lived, uprooted, killed and ransacked their properties and lived on streets for decades. These were the times Ethiopia was in deep trouble, the times were begging for reconciliation were necessary, not now. What is in deep trouble now is TPLF and its hoodlums and that has to be so.

This is the time where all Ethiopians should unite to get rid of the TPLF cancer from the country, an abnormal part of the country that is overgrown by deception and tricks from the host and takes over the host to its death. The current members of parliament should reject what TPLF called it state of emergency, without any emergency but to TPLF and save the people from red terror of TPLF. Had these kinds of naive people were among the heroes and heroines that led Ethiopian armies to the victory of Adwa and consulted King Menelik or Queen Taytu to make peace between the enemy who were there fighting to colonize and Ethiopians who were fighting to preserve their freedom and dignity, we could have not been free after all, we could have been one of the colonized countries that did not know freedom as it should be, we could have been listed as one of the countries who have freedom day celebrations, since the invaders mission was to succumb and defeat Ethiopians by any means, by fighting, by coercing or deceiving fighters to give up their weapons and live with good pay, and colonize the country.

The good thing was that none of them were naïve, were not first comers to international politics of barbarity of the time that they all were determined, gallant true Ethiopians who fought for freedom and dignity of Ethiopians for all time. The fight they have made to preserve dignity for today is that of tomorrow and the humiliation and worthlessness of today will be to that of tomorrow. You do not negotiate with your deadly enemy that is determined to make all tricks and deceptions in time of defeat to stay alive and looking quite, and become the monster of your life when it regains its full power. TPLF and its beneficiaries are that deadly enemies of Ethiopian and Ethiopians who will never think they way we think, who will never understand truth the way we understand, either you get rid of them or you live in hell for all time.

One thing is certain, fools learn only from their failures and it will be too late to regain better living after. TPLF and its members are such union of fools of epileptic minds that will learn only from their doomsday.

Ethiopia shall live forever in pride and dignity!

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