Rajo – Abdi Iley fires the chairman of the ESPDP party and declares himself party Chairman A visibly disturbed Abdi Iley just fired the Chairman of the ruling Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party.

Mohamed-Rashid Issaq, who is also the speaker of the regional parliament.  The Chairman was forced by gunpoint to sit while the process of removing him was underway. Abdi Iley then declared himself the chairman of ESPDP.

Abdi Iley’s closest aides are expressing concern for the health of Abdi Iley who is talking non-stop, swearing, and saying “I am awake! Oromos won’t catch me sleeping” and other statements.

Abdi iley appoints high ranking officials

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoorAbdi Iley made a number of appointments today including a Deputy President who is a rapper. Most of the new Bureau Heads are 21-24 years old.

It includes the new head of Trade, Transport and Industry Bureau who was reportedly detained two years ago for stealing Samsung and iphones from people at night.

Also appointed as deputy head of Finance Bureau is a Jigjiga “snapchat” heroine, Kaamila Ahmed-nuur Diini. More famous by her snapchat name “Kaamila Kool”.

Picture: the new Somali Region Deputy President Hamdi Adan Abdi

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