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Isaias Afeworki finally responded to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recent call for new beginning between one people unfortunately separated by colonial forces as two. The bloody war that ended in 2000 was stopped by foreign power involvement in the name of the “Algiers Agreement” in 2002.

It is this agreement Prime Minister Abiy accepted it without any condition that has initiated the move by Isaias Afeworki today. Finally both countries realized that the stalemate for the last 16 years has destroyed both countries and their people.
We both are losers and the whole world is laughing at our stupidity.
The Eritrean delegates which will travel soon to Addis Ababa and their  counterpart in Ethiopia must first realize that both regimes who are in power without the consent of their people “succeeded” in starting a war that left more than70 thousands of people on either side dead and billions of dollars monetary damage.
The lives lost since the end of the war is both attributed to both regimes stupidity to say the least. In a free and democratic society we should never have such regimes at this very moment talking peace.
After signing a cease fire Eritrea lost more than 30 billion dollar from renting the Assab port alone. The beneficiary on this  stupidity is Djibouti. This tiny country is not only totally in control of  the import and export of  Ethiopia and it has become geopolitically much important than both Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Military bases are built by powerful countries at Djibouti because port Assab is abandoned by both Eritrea and Ethiopia. These military bases of foreigners is not to secure  the lives of  more than 100 million people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is to advance the interest of foreigners from far distance and to our neighbors.
The four year war in Yemen has attracted the Arab Emirates to open a military base in Assab to execute its war. The move by Eritrea is no doubt a financial interest. However, this financial interest  has also brought Eritrea close to the Yemen dangerous war.
The new relationship of our two countries should be based on this reality not on implementing the so called Algiers Agreement of delineating a boundary between  Ethiopia and Eritrea.
If we start taking about where to put the line we will lose the economic and
security  benefit of both countries and will never bring peace and prosperity to our people.
What matters to both people in the near future is fighting poverty and economic backwardness. The time of developing and shopping for ports by Ethiopia  failed big time. For Eritrea abandoning port Assab for the last 16 years brought nothing. The current revenue it gets from renting it as military base is compromising its own security.
By using  Assab as its major port  Ethiopia will save a lot money and Eritrea will not be tempted to be another Djibouti by attracting foreigners to install military bases which has negative impact for the people in the Horn of Africa.
The road to peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea is not by implementing the Algiers agreement which is overwhelmingly  rejected by Ethiopians because it was orchestrated by the Ethiopian ruling party which is anti Ethiopia.
Prime Minister Abyi led EPRDF should know that Ethiopia was not represented in the boundary commission as Eritrea was. Implementing the Algiers Agreement to delineate the boundary will not bring peace and should be the job of a government elected by people of both countries.
Those who put our people into devastating war should be held accountable to the people. Until then keep the border open and let the locals do their business as it was before Eritrea becomes an independent country and Ethiopia fall into the regime which is anti Ethiopia !!!

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