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Ten killed in attack on village at Kenya-Ethiopia border

Standardmedia – Tenpeople were killed in two separate attacks by bandits in Marsabit County, according to Police Spokesperson Charles Owino.Police also said at least nine others were injured during the raids.Marsabit County Police Commander Steve Oloo said the attacks happened in Forole and Sabareh on the Kenya-Ethiopia border.

In the first incident, raiders stormed a watering point in Forole where herders were sleeping at around 4am and opened fire, killing five people.Among those killed were two minors aged 13 and 15.The raiders, who are suspected to have crossed over from Ethiopia, also made away with an unknown number of livestock from Forole and about 500 cows from Sabareh. A police reinforcement was sent to the areas but the attackers had already crossed into Ethiopia.Locals complained of slow police response, and appealed to the authorities to do something about it.

A team of security officials has contacted Ethiopian police for help to reclaim the animals.

Cultural practices

Such incidents are common at the border. Authorities have been making efforts to address the menace that is being encouraged by cultural practices and drought.Recently in Laikipia County, a police officer was killed in a cattle rustling incident. Gunmen believed to be livestock thieves ambushed a team of officers from the Anti-Stock Theft Unit as they pursued the animals and shot one officer in the head.A major operation was mounted in the area to pursue the gang which had stolen about 100 animals as the criminals headed towards Pokot.Police had not recovered the animals by yesterday.

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