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Ethiopia official: ‘Egypt mobilises oppositionists in Oromia to ignite chaos, block dam project’

A government official in the Ethiopian Oromia region accused Egypt of attempting to mobilise oppositionists to create chaos, in light of the Renaissance Dam crisis, stressing that they have evidence proving Cairo’s involvement in igniting the recent demonstrations in the region.

Secretary-General of the Oromo Democratic Party ‎Addisu Arega Kitessa, who is close to the regional government, considers that Egypt is trying to usurp Ethiopia’s right to use its natural resources, by making suspicious moves, including mobilising and recruiting oppositionists in the region, in order to stir confrontation with the government.

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Al Jazeera quoted Kitessa as stating: “We have evidence proving Cairo’s involvement in backing the demonstrations that took place in the region recently, despite the imposition of preventive measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the outbreak of riots and a wave of theft and vandalism aimed at destabilising the region and frustrate the reforms undertaken by the government.”

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The Ethiopian regional official called on citizens to be careful not to be manipulated by some parties to serve foreign agendas, as he put it.

He added: “Anyone who has claims must submit them following legal means.”

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