(KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese army repulsed a second cross-border attack on Sunday by Ethiopian troops at the Anfal site on the eastern bank of the Atbara River in the Al-Fashqa area.

“Our forces repelled the attack which took place inside Sudanese territory and inflicted heavy casualties on the aggressors who aggressors were soon driven back from where they come.

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The military leadership in the two countries reached out to each other and agreed on the need to continue the dialogue and exercise restraint, further said the statement on Monday evening.

On 28 May, the Sudanese army reported clashes with the Ethiopian army and said an army officer and a child were killed in cross-border attacks carried out by Ethiopian army forces.

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Since then the two countries reiterated their commitment to settle similar attacks through a joint military mechanism.

Sunday’s attack predicts further tensions between the two countries in the future because the continuation of the assaults shows the failure of the committee even if it contains the clashes for the time been.

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The armed forces affirm their right to defend their territory by all legitimate means, and they will remain vigilant and determined to fulfil their duty to protect the land of Sudan and its borders.


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