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Sudan: EU Supports Direct Negotiations Between GERD Parties

Khartoum — The European Union has affirmed its stance at the same distance from the three countries currently negotiating on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which Sudan had hosted via video conference, but had to return to the file of negotiations on legal issues to the prime ministers of the three countries to try to reach an agreement on it.

Head of the EU Mission in Sudan, Ambassador Robert van den Dool, said in a press conference yesterday, Monday, through video conference, that the union does not take side in the conflicts of the central African region, and that the Union’s position as in the case of the Renaissance Dam negotiations, seeks to its peaceful resolution.

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He added it would be easier for the Sudan to find the region free from disputes with neighbors over borders and water, but the situation is complicated.

“With regard to the current situation in the talks on the GERD, the Union supports Sudan and has persuaded the concerned parties to sit and negotiate with each other directly, and to avoid the involvement of parties outside the region in these issues.”, he added.

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Ambassador Robert van den Dool, asserted that the role of the Union is to be a partner that calls on the other parties to negotiate directly with each other and to avoid the involvement of other parties, stressing the EU contribution in persuading the concerned parties to responding to the Sudan’s recent negotiation call.

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