(EP) The Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, General Filipos W Yohannes (pictured today) is in Khartoum finalising an agreement to station Eritrean army and Navy forces, a source tells Eritrean Press.
Several Eritrean unit forces will move into Kassala and Port Sudan, said the source.
Kassala is only 20 km from Eritrea border and the capital of the state of Kassala in eastern Sudan.
Commander of the Eritrean Naval Forces Major General Hummed Ahmed Karikare and Brigadier General Abraha Kassa, the Director of National Security have travelled with the General Filipos.
It is expected that parts of the Sudanese Navy will also move to Assab Port, added the source.
To enhance regional peace and cooperation in the Horn of Africa, Eritrea is playing a leading role in the region.
So far, 1800 Ethiopian and 2000 Eritrea-trained Somali troops are stationed in Eritrea while Asmara based several of its commando units in Ethiopia.
Meanwhile, TPLF leader Debretsion ‘ከበቡሽ’ Gebremichael has pressed the panic button by giving several press conference recently to denounce the alleged threat from all sides towards Weyane.
Asmara and Addis Ababa have not yet announced such military and intelligence cooperation.

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