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Chief of Staff warns against conspiracies to wedge conflicts among the public


General Adem Mohammed, FDRE Defence Army Chief of Staff strongly warned against those who attempt to ignite conflicts among the peoples of Ethiopia. He also said that the current status of the army is perfectly capable of protecting the sovereignty of the nation and the security of the general public.

Adem told the Amharic daily Addis Zemen yesterday that conspiracies carried out illegally with the aim labelling peoples based on their religious and other identities and fomenting conflicts among one another will no longer be tolerated.

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If those conspiracies are going to be left unchecked, they will turn into genocides, like that of encountered in some countries like Rwanda, he added.

“It should be clear that the government and the defence army cannot be lenient watching those illegal acts raging. Controlling them is a constitutional responsibility. This is all about the mission of the army. Protecting the sovereignty of the nation is the responsibility and duty of the government.”

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The general added that the mission of the army emanates from the Constitution of the land and hence should not be viewed as aligning to any party’s ideology.

General Adem further explained about the changes made in the army as a result of the institutional reform process, built as an independent national heritage, free from any party domination like the one it experienced until popular protest changed the government two years ago.

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According to him among the core issues addressed by the army reform was deciphering the institutional building aim and the mission of the army so as to make it beyond and above any party’s programs and ideology.

The Ethiopian Herald July 26, 2020