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Ethiopia: State Aspires to Cover 135 Thousand Hectares of Land With Crops

By Lakachew Atinafu
Gambela State Agriculture and Natural Resource Bureau said the seed coverage in the harvest season hit 92 thousand hectares of land.

Bureau’s Head Lowo Ougot (Ph.D.) told the Ethiopian Press Agency that out of the total 135 thousand hectares of land set to be developed in the harvest season some 92 thousand have been covered with seed with smallholders while the remaining 46,000 hectares of land developed by investors.

Indicating that there have been determinations and dedication among the leaders and the public starting from the preparation phase, the head said adding that the state will continue to hit the target deploying all human and material resources.

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Though investors engaged in extensive farming failed to operate, some 46,000 hectares of land have been covered with maize, millet and sesame crops in the agriculture season, he added.


Unlike the common primitive agricultural practice with a mere use of laborers, the season’s agriculture is well underway deploying skilled manpower operating modern agriculture machineries. Thus, tractors donated by the Ministry of Peace are being used to swift the overall agricultural practice.

According to the head, last year, 3,000 quintals improved seed were able to be delivered however there are shortcomings to afford the demand in the concurrent harvest season.

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Recalling that desert swarm locust has occurred in eight Woredas of the State, he said adding that the public was able to control the situation in traditional protective measures. If the invasion of the swarm goes beyond, the state is ready to spray insecticide and pesticide chemicals.

The Head further said that coupled with the routine agricultural practice the state has also placed due concern for the prevention of COVID-19 with initiating awareness-raising campaigns and platforms.

Though the State processes a vast arable land, there are yet shortcomings to take advantage of it due to various circumstances. Thus the state has begun devising mechanisms and aspires to register glittering success from the agriculture sector, the head added.

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