“Our true nationality is mankind.”H.G.

A brief comment on Professor Merera Gudina’s article at the ‘National Consultation Forum’

Professor bitter   ‘ in yehāgere- government building , historical background, and equally on yetemešeretechi country to create a made attempts, the odds of history tests yemelet’uni opportunities for national consensus microscopic view was offered on the conversation of national consensus “text editor Council of Political Parties Forum.

Before I comment on the article, I realize that such an open discussion, including with the ruling party at home, is of great value in my opinion.

Particularly at a time when brutal killings of so-called ‘other parties’ are becoming more and more common, the existence of a forum for scholars who claim to be organized at the party level will contribute to defusing tensions in the country. I think it’s very important because I think so.

Having said this as an introduction, when I return to Professor Merera’s article, it begins with a seemingly ambiguous story of our country, which was destroyed by ‘some say’ history ‘and others’ fiction,’ adding that ‘Ethiopia’ was created in the 2nd. Concluding the conclusion that it is half the 19th century.

It is clear that Ethiopia, like other countries in the world, has its own founding myth or National myth, which is not determined by geographical expansion, or by historical expansion and by the inclusion of other ethnic groups.

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It is very difficult to come to an agreement about the past, as politicians often try to use history as a pretext for the politics they want to pursue. As far as I know, historians, even though there is a general consensus on what is called basic history, it is believed that it is renewed and developed every time a new discovery is discovered, and that history and the field of history are believed to be alive, not physical.

The current problem of our country is not about (which should not be) the most cruel emperor in the history of our country, but how can we jointly fight the problems we face today.

In other words, the immediate problem in our country and the purpose of the forum is not to shorten the length of our history, but to do what we need to do to create a nation based on equality. I believe that if our discussions focus on what has happened since the 1966 revolution, a better understanding can be reached.

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It is rumored that the 1966 revolution failed not because the EPRDF and Mieson had ‘destroyed each other’, but because the Derg massacred the members and leaders of the two organizations and established a military dictatorship.

The revolution failed, but the proclamation of the land, the abolition of the aristocracy, and the economic foundations of the aristocracy, the recognition of racial and religious equality, and the inclusion in the constitution of the country, among others, are the fruits of the revolution.

Despite the existence of these legacies, the TPLF / EPRDF came to power, mainly by dismantling the Derg and dismantling dictatorships. In the 27 years since the TPLF / EPRDF overthrew the Derg, it has been a divisive and divisive organization.

According to Merara, this 27-year-old organization, which has been using the mask of revolutionary democracy, has divided the country politically, leading to our current political losses.

According to some, the Wahhabi did so and was compelled to do so, not out of a sense of duty, but out of a sense of nationalistic logic. In the future, if we limit ourselves to the politics of ethnic politics, our dream of building a nation based on equality will not be in vain.

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In my opinion, in order to overcome the problems that our country is facing and to establish a country based on equality, instead of arguing over our past history, our country’s political activities and struggles should be given priority by identifying the basic problems of its people.

It is recommended that political parties participating in the National Dialogue Forum be able to reach a consensus on national issues in a way that is better than I am.

I don’t remember exactly, but at one point Yohannes Admasu

 My hunger, my thirst, my thirst

 They beat me up

We can make a good history if we realize that the basic problem of our people today is the basic problem of our people and our country.


Z habesha – Abegaz’s brother

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