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OPEN LETTER TO Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Tina Smith and Fox 9 KMSP

We, Ethiopia born naturalized citizens of this great nation residing in Minnesota, would like to express our deep concern on your one-sided action taken on August 26, 2020 requesting the release of Mr. Jawar Mohammed, a prominent political agitator in the affairs of our birth country, Ethiopia, and another associate of his from Blaine, Minnesota.

Let us give you a noticeably short introduction about these individuals, particularly, Mr. Jawar Mohammed.

Mr. Jawar Mohammed was born in Ethiopia from an Oromo Muslim father with Yemeni lineage & Amhara Orthodox Christian Ethiopian mother. After high school, he was awarded public scholarship (AS ETHIOPIAN not OROMO) to study in Singapore and immigrated to USA and continued his studies at Stanford & Columbia Universities which is very admirable. Then he became political activist by organizing a narrow-minded tribalistic group of Oromo youth called “Queero” with intention of Oromo Hegemony in the country of over 83 tribes & 110 languages & dialects instead of embracing all Ethiopians from all tribes. His second devilish intention focuses on spreading Islam religion by force as the main religion of the nation even though Christians are the majority. Islam & Christian religions have coexisted brotherly & peacefully as part & parcel of one united nation by keeping their freedom together for thousands of years without allowing any foreign power to colonize Ethiopia. The symbiosis of these two religions in the history of Ethiopia is symbol of pride as one Nation under God in the whole world. Though Mr. Jawar Mohammed is half Christian by birth, and he is married to one, his rhetoric of hatred towards Christians are very scary. His propaganda of converting Christians to Islam willingly or by forcing them through intimidation and threatening to cut their necks by machetes is well documented. This kind of inhuman propagandistic rhetoric has been the bread & butter of Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s & his supporters’ political ploy to sit on the throne of power in the country where he does not have citizenship. Mr. Jawar Mohammed & all of us who were born in Ethiopia but  citizens of foreign countries do not have any legitimate right to interfere in internal affairs of Ethiopia except providing charitable works to lift its people from any social and economic backwardness.

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Mr. Jawar Mohammed is an American Citizen. Though we don’t profess to be legal experts in International Law, common sense reminds us that a foreigner doesn’t have any legal right to exercise his political activism in a country where he doesn’t have citizenship unless he has a dual citizenship, and Mr. Jawar Mohammed had rescinded his Ethiopian Citizenship in favor of American Citizenship. So, he does not have any excuse to interfere in internal political affairs of Ethiopia. When USA granted him Citizenship, it was not because he is from OROMIA but from Ethiopia. Does USA know what kind of country is OROMIA? Does USA recognize a nation of OROMIA? Does USA want Ethiopia to be divided into 83 nations? Do You support this possibility? We do not think so. When a country is facing ongoing poverty, and it is struggling to develop its nation & some self-serving individuals come to you with their lie-laced narratives, it would be better to consult with organizations or groups with connection to the country in the subject of affairs rather than rushing to lend your ears to one side. We understand the concerns of Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s wife & the family members of the other individual. But they have not told the truth. More than 300 innocent Ethiopians have been killed & thousands had been displaced from their ancestral homes in OROMIA region because of their Christian faith and not being fully Muslim OROMOS by the supporters of Mr. Jawar Mohammed due to the dissemination of hate propaganda by OMN (Oromo Media Network).

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It is admirable to stand up for justice & equality of all but pitting one tribe against others for his fame & financial benefits is deplorable act, and his OMN (Oromo Media Network) is the instrument for his poisonous propaganda of narrow-minded tribalism. OMN is not educational or charitable network but a vehicle of dissemination of hatred towards other tribes, non-Muslim Oromo Ethiopians, & Christians. OMN is used to fundraise money for the lavish lifestyle of Mr. Jawar Mohammed, his wife, and his associates in OMN by spreading false narratives to diminish the 3000 years of Ethiopian History of freedom,  killing, & murdering including pregnant women so that they cannot give birth to non-Oromo Ethiopians  by using gullible ignoramus followers of his. You are not told this kind of atrocity committed in Oromia region of Ethiopia by Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s wife & the relatives of his accomplice. This account is not gossiping or fabricated but undeniable reality which Ethiopians in Oromia region of Ethiopia are facing at this moment of our writing to you. We wish if OMN & its owner had been charitable not to all Oromo Ethiopians but to the village where he was born. What Oromia region of Ethiopia gained since Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s ascent to infamy in Ethiopian political sphere is bloodshed, killings of innocent people, burning of religious places, economical destruction, and uncertainty filled with poverty. So, whatever lies you are told by Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s wife and the relatives of his accomplice are crocodile tears because they know very well the truth deep in their hearts.

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We are being the voice for those poor innocent victims of Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s politics of hatred who became voiceless. We may not bring back those who became prey of Mr. Jawar Mohammed’s political game by being maimed, killed, murdered, burnt alive, and becoming homeless and losing their life savings but we wanted to talk to you on behalf of thousands of victims of Mr. Jawar Mohammed & OMN (Oromo Media Network).

So, the argument presented to you by his wife and others that he is in Ethiopia to expand OMN is absolute white lies. Mr. Jawar Mohammed is in Ethiopia to run for political position. He is a member of political party called OROMO PEOPLE’S CONGRESS in Ethiopia. It is truly clear that a foreign citizen is not allowed to be politically active in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. Beside all the political wrangling and causing unrest in the country, Mr. Jawar Mohammed & his associate have broken the Ethiopian Laws.

In conclusion, as politician you know that a story has two sides, and especially when you are dragged into affairs of foreign countries which you do not have familiarity, you need to deeply examine the issue at hand by consulting others who may have a different view to verify if the complaint presented to you has merit & truthful before you cave to deceits of those with crocodile tears.

Thank you for your time & attention.

Concerned Citizens of Ethiopian origin in Minnesota.

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