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‘US’s attempt to pressure Ethiopia is neither morally nor diplomatically relevant,’ Prof. Yacob Arsano

The recent decision of the U.S. that is said to “affect up to nearly 130 million USD in U.S. foreign assistance to Ethiopia” following Ethiopia’s firm stance not to quench Egypt’s colonial agreement demand is by no means either morally or diplomatically acceptable.

The remark was given by Professor Yacob Arsano, Political Science and International Relations Lecturer, Addis Ababa University.

Professor Yacob, who is also Nile Water Affairs Researcher, disclosed that what the United States of America recently expressed in relation to financial affairs through its Foreign Affairs Office is null and void in the eyes of either moral endeavours or diplomatic tactics.

He also stated that the threat Egypt and Sudan developed with regard to water shortage due to the first phase of water filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was really a mere menace and they have even got water more than expected.

As to Professor Yacob, USA explained that it will cut off the annual support to Ethiopia for some national expenditure has been spent for a win-win benefit, especially for environmental safety on which the two countries have enjoyed based on the pretty though agreement and operation between them. Hence, its stance to take this measure is quite immoral.

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As to him, US administration reflected its stance with regard to the GERD that it left the issue to the concerned countries exercising observance status since the last October. Based on this, the three countries have been discussing the issues amicably.

“However, since US’s approach tilted down towards Egypt observing Ethiopia’s unwavering stance and pushed Ethiopia to sign the colonial agreement excluding itself, Ethiopia detached itself from the agreement for a while. That time US’s move was partisan, unacceptable and illegitimate,” he added.

According to Professor Yacob, these days Egypt and USA would like to push the issue to United Nations Security Council. And it needs to be well comprehended as the issue here after does not turn out to be the task of United Nations unless the two countries encounter lack of peace and stability.

The dialogue among the three countries centring dam construction, dam filling, water management and other technical aspects should be left solely to these countries.

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The Security Council also accepted it with a sweeping majority reaching consensus and the issue is being dealt with under the auspicious of the African Union, and it has been properly underway since last June.

The negotiation underway is revolving around the filling and annual operation of the Dam. Though Egypt and Sudan day in and day out urged to continue in light of America’s intention, Ethiopia revealed its stance in black and white; the dialogue continues, too.

Even at this time when AU has been chairing the subject, Egypt wants to revert the proceeding, but Ethiopia has firmly challenged the scenario.

“I think US has tried to cut off the aid as Ethiopia has time and again shown unchanged stance when things are bent against its national interest. Since the aid was agreed during peace and normal circumstance, US’s current reflection to act otherwise is not expected of this great nation and the Ethiopian government will tell this country about the wrong track it takes.

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He further elucidated that the long lasting bilateral relation between Ethiopia and United States of America should come to the forefront and the fact that either the construction or the full development of the dam will not have any harm on Egypt, Sudan.

“Ethiopia has long been striving to safeguard its national development, natural right and sovereignty without posing harm on others and any Ethiopian citizenry and Ethiopia itself do not by any means accept attempts at the expense of their national interest and general wellbeing,” he underlined.

As to Professor Yacob, since the dam is being built per standard design and properly filled with water, Egypt and Sudan will never come across water shortage even at the time of drought.

What Egypt was shouting about under the guise of encountering water shortage was a mere propaganda serving as attention diversion, he added.

No water shortage has been witnessed so far, rather they are flooded and the small dams they constructed on desert areas are demolished, too.

Herald September 2, 2020