By Addisalem Mulat – It is worth mentioning the fact that Ethiopia and its people have been working from dawn to dusk more than ever before targeting at taking it to the next chapter of achievement and smoothing the progress of investment opportunities all over the country.

Needless to say, the country is recurrently exerting effort for the love of pulling its people out of poverty and transforming the lives of those who relatively lead a destitute strata residing in every corner of the country. To this end, the incumbent has been pulling out all the stops to materialize its dream and boom the country’s economy from this point forward.

Wide spectrums of undertakings have been taking place time and again since the coming to power of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He has been making the impossible possible bringing into play various effective techniques from time to time that win the hearts and minds of everyone any minute now.

Along the same vein, the Premier has been putting various effective strategies into effect emphasizing on transforming the lives of the people of Ethiopia time and again. Back in the day, Ethiopian-born foreign nationals and foreign investors were not given equal opportunities, but now thanks to the Premier, they can invest in their soil as they wish and contribute to their motherland.

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According to The Africa Report, over the last two years, the Diasporas contribution has significantly been rising and to the extent that it can be registering a remarkable growth. A case in point, two Commercial Banks managed to register a capital amounting to $400m by Ethiopian foreign nationals residing abroad. More to the point, over the last years, annual remittance inflow averaged $5.5bn which is a momentous growth from the $4bn average recorded over five years before 2018.

If the country keeps on going in the same phase time and time again, achieving the desired goal in the shortest time possible will be as easy as pie. By the same token, Ethiopian Diasporas residing in various parts of the world have been showing keen interest to invest in their motherland to contribute towards their country’s progress.

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As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall,” unless we get ourselves engaged in the development of our county putting aside our differences, our country cannot move a step forward even. It will remain backward. As we all live under the umbrella of Ethiopia, our motherland, we should make a supreme effort to accelerate the advancement of the country and make the country one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

As Ethiopians are in good hands, they should keep on working hard for their country’s development, prosperity, harmony, and other related aspects almost immediately.

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