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Even death has a kind of its own!!

Even death has a kind of its own!!
It is an honor and martyrdom for a soldier to die in the middle of a battle. Because this is the most treasured gift a soldier can offer to his motherland. Death always hover and linger around a Soldier’s life. Unlike any other, He lives on a contract. The treason and treachery that TPLF has committed on the North Command is a disgraceful and disgusting to hear it.
Sergeant Dereje Anbessa is member of the Northern Command repair Unit. Sergeant Dereje said, on November 3, 2020 they set out to harvest the local farmers’ yield and returned at around 11:00 AM. At night, while resting from their deployment, they were surrounded and hijacked by illegal gangs of TPLF.
As they were being escorted from one concentration camp to another, Sergeant Dereje Anbessa said, they were made to travel 40 km and led into a place where the TPLF gang eventually planned to commit an atrocious action on them.
In the captive group of Sergeant Dereje were 1,200 people including women who bear tots, infants, soldiers, and children. He said the kidnappers ordered and threatened the hostages to keep on going.
As nightfalls on, the hostages who had not stopped their way came after unlighted trucker which committed an unforgettable and unforgivable act on the hostages. The trucker crushed every pedestrian hostage on its way and broke Sergeant Derege’s leg and threw him into the abyss. Sergeant Dereje mourned the loss of his comrades in tears as he could not help them.
Another survivor, Sergeant Wondemagegn Wolde Gabriel, who we spoke to, told us that they fought without food and water for three days before disarming to the TPLF gang.
Sergeant Wondemagegn said, on the third day the brigade commander, Colonel Hailay Gebru had received a mission and appeared camouflaged as a priest. He said at first, they thought he was a religious leader, but when he was seen and approached, he was confirmed to be the commander of his brigade.
“We finally disarmed when we realized that we were surrounded by local militias and the Tigray Special Force.” Sergeant Wondemagegn said.
He said while they were in Abi Adi, they were told that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is to welcome and host the arrestees.
“However, when TPLF offered us to join the Tigray Defence Force, remain a civilian in Tigray, or go to our area as an option, we all replied that we would like to go to our area “said Sergeant Wondmageng.
Sergeant Wondmagegn said TPLF, outraged by the hostages’ choice, told them to come out in the morning. When they refused to leave, the TPLF gangs came and attacked them in the afternoon.
The Sergeant said the inhumane treatment committed on them after the disarmament was horrific.
He told us that while more than 1,300 hostages had been ordered to travel at night, the gang group deliberately opened fire on them. The officer said while lying on the asphalt to avoid the gunfire, a trucker came and run over them.
Sergeant Wondmageng stated he has never heard of such a heinous act, saying it would be an honor to be shot dead.
The survivors of that tragic death are still receiving medical treatment today. They grieve over the crime than being grateful for their survival.
By, Adamu Tarekegn
Bahir Dar (AMMA)
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