ADDIS ABABA – Members of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces condemned the barbarous act of the TPLF junta against the members of defense forces and civilians.

The junta killed and injured ENDF members including women and children violently by a Sino Truck ploughed into them deliberately.

According to Sgt. Dereje Anbessa, one of the victims, the militants and Special Forces of the junta killed and injured hundreds of people by a Sino Truck, ploughed into them directly.

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Sgt. Dereje, serving as maintenance technician at the Northern Command of the Defense Forces, said that the Ethiopian National Defence Forces have been standing by the sides of the Tigray people in times of both good and bad moments.

“We have never turned our backs to the development of the people of Tigray.”

However, the junta and its cliques did something that should not be done on the force. The act is inconceivable and inhumane, he added.

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As to him, he has never dreamt of being betrayed and attacked by his own comrades. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened and attacked by the apostates.

“It would have been much sensible if they had shot us or gathered and set us on fire. Even an external enemy would not kill a person crushing in a car,” he said bitterly.

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The other victim, Sgt. Wondemagegne Woldegebriel on his part said: “We were shot in the front, and we slept not to be shot, they led the Sino Truck plough into us.”

Surprisingly, the driver was driving zigzags again and again to kill those survived and attempted to secure their lives. As a result, many died with the cruel act of the junta, he said.

The Ethiopian Herald December 12/2020

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