All conflicts that have been occurring in Ethiopia were well planned and coordinated proxy wars, Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil said.

Defense Minister Kena’a Yadeta noted on his part that the National Defense Force has been working day and night to bring members of the TPLF junta, who are the source of all the conflicts, to justice.

The ministers briefed members of the House of People’s Representatives about the current situation in the country per their request.

Members of the House demanded explanation on why it was not possible to stop the identity-based conflicts in different places.

In her response, Peace Minister Muferiat stated that the conflicts during the past two years were well financed, planned and implemented.

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She said the proxy wars are led from inside by persons in the security structure and by organized local youth.

According to the minister, the main source of conflicts in any part of Ethiopia is one group.

The human trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking and contraband in the country had all integrated local and foreign networks, she elaborated.

Muferiat noted that institutional reform was needed as they took part as leaders in the police and security forces.

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Police institutions have been associated with governments since the time of Emperor Haile Selassie, and the security establishment was run by few uncontrolled and unaccountable persons before it was fully transformed after the reform, the minister elaborated.

She said the ministry has been working in a concerted effort with other responsible security agencies, including the police and the intelligence service to ensure that they stand for the country and the people, despite coordinated conspiracies.

The minister added that all the conflicts in the country could not be stopped because those premeditated and sophisticated plots difficult to quash till the eleventh hour.

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Other serious terrorist plots have been foiled and millions of people displaced by conflicts in different places have been rehabilitated, Muferiat said.

Members of the HPR also raised questions about the law enforcement operation and the measures taken to prosecute members of the TPLF illegal group.

Defense Minister Kena’a Yadeta stated that the TPLF junta, which is the source of all conflicts, is now crushed by the law enforcement operation.

He added that the army is working day and night to hunt down members of the junta and bring them to justice.


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