Tigray Interim Administration Chief Executive Officer, Mulu Nega said the people of Tigray should protect themselves and fight against destructive forces that are trying to disrupt peace.

Chief Executive Officer Mulu Nega said people should not be worried as most of the region is stable.

He warned that the interim administration will take legal measures if corrupt individuals who used to make the people suffer commit other crimes.

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Mulu recalled that the people of Tigray have neither benefited from democracy nor development over the past two decades. Instead they were abused by the TPLF group that had been benefiting itself.

The CEO urged the people of Tigray to strengthen their cooperation with the interim administration since it is ready to work for genuine democracy and benefit of the people.

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Mulu also called on the public to cooperate in the efforts to bring the criminal TPLF junta to justice.

The interim administration of Tigray State is establishing administrations in all areas by allowing the inhabitants to freely choose their administrators at all levels.


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