The interim administration of Tigray regional state today held discussion with youth living in the city of Mekelle.

Dr Mulu Nega, CEO of the interim administration, Dr Abrham Belay, Minister of Technology and Innovation, and Ataklti Haileselassie, mayor of Mekelle city attended the meeting.

The participants raised the various pressures that TPLF had put on them, condemned its practice of favouritism and lack of freedom of expression in the region.

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The youth welcomed the new administration and expressed their interest to work with it to prevent the recurrence of unemployment and practice of favouritism.

Taking lesson from the past mistakes, the interim administration is now committed to work with the youth as well as to tackle nepotistic and partiality practices, said Dr Mulu.

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Dr Abrham said the victory achieved in Tigray is more important than ever for the unity, peace and development of Ethiopia and the regional state. “It is a victory for all people of Tigray.”

Ataklti Haileselassie, mayor of Mekelle city, for his part said the youth have key role to maintain peace, stop robbery and get back the city to normal life.

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Ataklti finally called on them to join hands with the interim administration to maintain peace in the city.


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