ADDIS ABABA – One of the victims of TPLF junta’s most notorious acts said that the junta had been exercising all evils on prisoners of conscience which are not supposed to be done under the sun when in power.

In an interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), a prominent artist Debebe Eshetu noted that due to his political involvement and views during the 2005 Ethiopian national elections, he suffered from the wicked acts of the TPLF. “While I was in prison, I was subjected to a severe inhumane treatment.”

Explaining the cruelty of the TPLF junta, Debebe explained, “The TPLF treated people cruelly to the extent that they hate being human.”

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As to him, the party had done things that are against the culture and traditions of Ethiopia.

“I will never forget what they did upon me when I was in Maikelawi, a prison in Addis. Whenever I think of it, I’m horrified as my colleagues and I were driven to the center as a cattle, not as a human being when they took us to Maikelawi.”

According to him, officials were giving the prisoners sleeping pills mixed with coffee to make them fall asleep and confess a false word. They also tortured innocents by putting them in a cell with barley no air circulation; thereby, prisoners peeing there and suffering from bad smell.

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He further said, “What we are seeing right now is that truth is always the winner.” The fact that the members of the Junta have been receiving is, unless a matter of time, everyone will reap what they had sown. Hence, those oppressors for more than 30 years are forced to face justice despite their evil deeds.

As to him, the patience of the Ethiopian government and people until these individuals are arrested makes the result sweet. “As an individual, what I want to see now is when these people publicly apologize for their wrongdoings appearing in the media.”

He also stated that as the current justice system is not a sham as it was in their time, these criminals must be brought to justice for their crimes. As the protection of human rights is not just a paper tiger now, as it was in the past, their rights must be respected and they should face justice, they should see with their own eyes that Ethiopia is now a country where justice prevails, contrary to their time.

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“I believe that the arresting of these criminals will pave the way for peace, development, democracy, freedom, equality and unity for what Ethiopia has been long waiting.”


The Ethiopian herald January 15/2021

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