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Ceasing Egyptians’ false narrative about Nile breaks GERD deadlock

ADDIS ABABA – The political tension witnessed between Ethiopiaand Egypt as well as among the Nile Bain countries would besquashed if Egyptians quit the wrong narratives and falsehood fabrications upon the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), so stated Prof. Yacob Arsano.

AAU Political Science and International relations Instructor Prof. Yacob Arsano said that the narrations what Egyptians have been feeding to the posterity is quite wrong and unfounded.

The utterances of Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister, Sami Shikuria for the parliament stating that Ethiopia’s second dam fillingdoesn’t impose any harm on Egypt is a clearmanifestation of the falsehood statements and baseless narratives by which all Egyptians have been told so far.

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Professor Yacob, who is also water affairs researcher, said, “If parliamentarians translate the idea circulated then into practical actions, the politics revolving around the Nile basin would be untied well and reverted into the normal relations regarding water politics.”

According to Professor Yacob, the political tension rampant among the Nile basin countries would receive a calm and normal trajectory if Egyptians continue nurturing the stance they have fixed at present.

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The sayings of Mr. Sami have purely indicated that the construction and filling of the damhas not any negative impact on Egypt and reflected Egyptians understanding of Ethiopia’sintention not to harm either the downstream or the upstream sisterly counties.

He further said that as opposing ideas and fabricated narrations with which the generation has been provided about the Nile Gorge in general and the GERD in particular were not based on concrete ground, all Egyptians have to be well informed about the reality on the ground.

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“Egyptians are now willing to comprehend the intention of Ethiopia well and know the reality if we think that Foreign Minister’s idea reflects the stance of Egyptian government,” he added.


The Ethiopian Herald April 28/2021

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