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Ethiopia confident U.S, EU election observer deployment

ADDIS ABABA – The European Union (EU), United States (the U.S.) as well as African Union (AU) are expected to send election observer delegations prior to the upcoming Ethiopia’s general elections, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti said.

During the Ministry’s weekly press briefing Ambassador Dina Mufti yesterday said that these organizations and the country had been setting preconditions to deploy election observers, but they have now given green light to send their delegations.

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As to him, Ethiopia is ready to welcome the international and regional observers at any time. “The U.S. has shown keen interest on sending delegation to the election,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the recent situation in Somalia following election postponement directly and indirectly affects Ethiopia, Ambassador Dina said.

“The peace, stability and security of the two countries areintertwined. A dispute in Somalia might be a problem to Ethiopia.”

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He said, therefore, Ethiopia always works to ensure sustainable peace in the region. Accordingly, the appointment of Horn of Africa Special Envoy Jeffrey Feltman has witnessed America’s attention to the region.


The Ethiopian Herald April 28/2021

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