ARUSHA, Tanzania, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) — Tanzanian police on Tuesday announced to have arrested 13 Ethiopian nationals for illegal entry.

Wilbroad Mutafungwa, Kilimanjaro Regional Police Commander, said that the illegal immigrants had no relevant documents and were also said to have established a temporary camp in an area that is close to the Tanzania-Kenya boarder.

He said the Ethiopian migrants were arrested on Monday, after the police were informed of their presence at Minoa area, Mwanga District.

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“A good number of police officers had been deployed at the areas to ensure that non-Tanzanians do not get access to the country with the exception of those with permits,” the regional police chief said.

Ebrosy Mwanguku, head of the region’s immigration department, said his office had launched a search for Kenyans who are said to have crossed into the country through illegal routes in Rombo District.

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He said some of the Kenyan immigrants are working in private schools.

“These teachers cross the boarders every day after classes were over for fears of being arrested since they do not have resident and work permits”, said Mwanguku.

Statistics from the immigration office in Kilimanjaro Region showed that to date, more than 259 illegal migrants have been repatriated after they had entered into the country without permits.

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A number of Ethiopian migrants have been using Tanzania as a gateway to South Africa where they to look for “greener pastures”. ENDS

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