May 9, 2021


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Egypt sends ground forces into Somaliland

Egypt has sent ground troops to Somali land, sources said, as part of the Gulf Arab military contingent to rout the Iran-allied Houthi group in Yemen after a year–along civil war.
Egyptian ground troops recently landed in Berebera to help the Saudi-led coalition’s fight against the Iranian-supported Houthis and their allies, by stopping weapons supplies through the Red Sea, a local weekly Amharic newspaper, Sendek wrote, quoting reliable sources. The paper did not give figures of the troops.
It was the second reported deployment of ground troops by Egypt, which has one of the Arab world’s strongest armies. The Egyptians reportedly are present in Aden, part of a 5,000-strong ground troop force since August 2015. They have committed helicopter gunships, fighter jets, surveillance planes and refuelling tankers.
The Saudi-led coalition has been scoring gains against the militia and its allies in Yemen’s army, backing a push by Yemeni fighters to seize much of the country’s south and now setting its sights on the Houthi-controlled areas.
The coalition troops are also based in Eritrea’s port of Assab and Massawa, according to reports. Ethiopia said it was concerned about reports of Saudi Arabia’s leasing of the port of Assab for 30 years from its arch enemy, the Eritrean government in its fight against the Houthis.
On November 2016, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia and had discussion with Saudi officials on the issue. Among the Ethiopian officials who accompanied the Prime Minister were chief of the army, Gen. Samora Yenus and the head of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Getachew Assefa.
A breakaway, semi-desert territory on the coast of the Gulf of Aden, Somaliland declared independence after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Barre in 1991.
Though not internationally recognised, Somaliland has a working political system, government institutions, a police force and its own currency. The former British protectorate has also escaped much of the chaos and violence that plague Somalia.

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Source- Ethiopian Obsorber

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