Declaration by the High Representative F. Mogherini on behalf of the EU on the 15th anniversary of the decision on the border delimitation by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission

On this day fifteen years ago, the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) communicated its decision regarding the delimitation of the border between the State of Eritrea and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The EEBC had been established as part of the Algiers peace agreement signed by the leaders of Eritrea, President Isaias Afwerki, and Ethiopia, late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, in Algiers, Algeria on 12 December 2000. The EU signed as a witness alongside Algeria, the United States of America, the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity.

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The EU remains deeply concerned that the present stalemate continues to put regional stability at risk, with potentially negative implications on international peace and security as well as international trade, and hampers regional cooperation and development.

The EU is convinced that the parties have all to gain from a full implementation of the provisions of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s decision. In this regard, the EU encourages all concrete steps that could lead to finally demarcating the border in accordance with the EEBC decision and to move to a phase of building constructive and peaceful relations.

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As part of its strong engagement on the Horn of Africa, the EU stands ready to support the process and any measures that will create conditions for a mutually beneficial relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia in the future.  declaration_by_hr_mogherini_0

Delegation of the European Union to Eritrea

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