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DALLAS, Texas – Assefa Chabo, the exiled politician who was known for his writing skills, died on April 23rd at age 76 here in Dallas, TX.

Assefa, who was also a government critic, was being treated at the hospital for a few days before he was pronounced dead on Sunday. He was 76.

Assefa Chabo was born in Chencha, Gamo Goffa, in 1941 and had a degree in law from Addis Ababa University. He was a member of parliament during the early days of the Derg military dictatorship, but his being vocal against corruption and for democracy had nearly cost his life. He was imprisoned for almost 11 years.The Ethiopian community in Dallas expressed its sorrow via a social media notice where they urged volunteers to make donations to arrange the funeral of the veteran government critic.

Assefa Chabo has been living in exile in the United States, and had almost excluded himself from any social life around Ethiopians. He re-emerged from seclusion in recent years when he began to write to various websites, notably Ethiomedia. His commentaries were known for the beauty of the prose spiced up with wits and sarcasm.

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