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The Way I See It – Valentine’s Day is a scam!

Disclaimer: I am single and not looking for a relationship at the moment. I may sound like a bitter party pooper, but I am not. The following views are my own and I do not mean to ruin anything for you.


I dread February 14 every year because it turns normal people into lovesick, drooling idiots. It is, however, refreshing to know that some people aren’t big fans of this stupid day.

Maybe I hate Valentine’s Day because every Tom, Dick and Harry goes overboard to celebrate it. Has love been locked up in some closet for 364 days a year, and unleashed for 24 hours on February 14?

Wake up and smell the coffee you fools, because it’s all a scam!

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Cliché lines and mushy dedications

TV channels milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth. The biggest offenders are the music channels catering to the youth of Pakistan, with their countless live shows, ticker tape for dedications and stupid love songs. Last year, I had to turn off my TV because I was sick of reading silly dedications on the ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen. Lines like “you complete me” or “life is nothing without you” are unoriginal.

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Valentine’s day was probably invented by greeting card companies who needed an excuse for people to spend money on stuffed toys, cards, chocolates and balloons

Put some thought into it

Instead of going all out and buying foolish presents on just this day, a better idea to keep each other happy would be to do something special. Give him/her a massage, cook a meal, take her out for dinner when she is feeling low, give her something thoughtful. Isn’t that time well-spent in solidifying the foundations of a marriage? This advice may not be valid for all relationships in Pakistan unless the couple lives together.

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So, don’t celebrate just Valentine’s Day. Make every day special through thoughtful gestures instead of wasting time and money on cheesy gifts.

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