The Persian religious leader Mani (who died in 274 AD) regarded the Axumite Empire as one of the four great powers of his time, alongside Persia(Iran), Rome and China. King Ezana’s stone inscription from around 300 AD, still standing in Axum as of today, also confirms Mani’s claim about the Axumite empire. In the inscription,  Ezana stated  that “he was the king of Axumites, and Himyarites(Yemen & part of Saudi Arabia), and of Raeidan and Ethiopians, and Sabaites (South Arabia) and of Silee, and of Tiamo and Bogaities(Beja) and Kasu(Kush)”. Though there are no concrete historical evidences with regard to the origins of the Axumite civilization, one can reasonably assume that it is part of the Nile Valley indigenous black civilizations of South of Egypt. The Empire of Axum at its height extended across most of the present day Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Axumite empire was destroyed by the internal revolt led by Yodit in the 10th century, following to its long decline starting the 7th century due to the expansion of the Persian Empire to its territories and control of trade routes and the rise of Islam.

Edward Gibbon in his 18th-century book titled “ The decline and fall of the Roman empire” stated,   “ encompassed on all sides by their enemies, the Ethiopians slept near a thousand years, forgetful of the world, by whom they were forgotten”. Though the medieval to 20th century Ethiopian kingdoms such as Lasta, Showa, Gondar and Tigray were direct descendants of the Axumite empire, none of them was able to awaken the  empire from its deep sleep and position it to its former glory.

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When the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi came with the motto of “ትልቅ ነበርን ትልቅ እንሆናለን”  the “ትልቅ ነበርን”  undoubtedly refers to the Axumite Empire. It is indeed true that Ethiopia under the leadership of the EPRDF government has moved some distance in the rights direction to build and transform Ethiopia’s economic, social, technological and geopolitical standing both in Africa and the world. As of today, Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, building the biggest dam in Africa financed from its own resources, is the member of the Security Council and is one of the biggest  peacekeeping force contributors to the world. However, the progress that have been achieved over the last 26 years through the sacrifices  Ethiopians’  both in blood and sweat is recently critically threatened by power hungry Ethiopian elites who have been in alliance with Ethiopia’s foreign enemies such as Egypt and have been intensively  campaigning with hateful and divisive propaganda which is aimed at weakening Ethiopia to stop its progress and the construction of the  Renaissance dam. Sadly,  It looks they are getting upper hand in some regions of the country.

People protest against the Ethiopian government during Irreecha, the annual Oromo festival to celebrates the end of the rainy season, in Bishoftu on October 1, 2017

Oromia which is the biggest and the back bone to Ethiopia’s economy and stability is sliding to chaos and civil war at alarming rate and its government is infiltrated from top to bottom by terrorist organizations like OLF, which have been conspiring against the Ethiopian government in coordination with  Egypt and Eritrea. Oromia is currently a lawless state with a fractured governance chain of command  led by immature, emotional and arrogant  president who has been seeking personal popularity, by appeasing anti-peace elements, at the cost of the the stability of mother Ethiopia rather than upkeeping law and order  in line to the Constitution.

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Therefore, considering the fact that:

  • The Oromia government is significantly infiltrated by by anti-peace organizations such as OLF and emotionally controlled by the propaganda of Egypt funded media outlets such as Oromia Media network(OMN), Bilal Broadcasting Network(BBL), ESAT, etc
  • Oromia is already a lawless state and its government is unable to run it per the Constitution and unable to control the day to day riots and killing of people and destruction of properties.
  • The profound impact of the lawlessness in Oromia has on the stability and integrity of Ethiopia

The Following are recommended to be actioned by the Federal government with an immediate effect:

  • Put Oromia under state emergency and liquidate existing government of Oromia and replace it by a military leadership which is empowered to bring law and order within the framework of the Constitution.
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of all governmental organizations in Oromia including Keble and Ketena and screen out all OLF and OMN agents including  anti-peace elements empowered by the existing Oromia government
  • All ministerial posts within the Federal governments have to make thorough evaluation to root out any anti peace elements.
  • Implement proactive actions to prevent spill of the lawlessness in Oromia to other states through coordinated efforts with the local governments
  • Intensive dialogue among the EPRDF and sister parties to create unified non-ethnic political party to transform/replace EPRDF.
  • Growing distrust among the Ethiopian people due to the intensive divisive and hate propaganda propagated for the last eight years necessitates for a discussion and reconciliation forums by engaging elders, scholars and religious leaders both from within Ethiopia and diaspora community. This is strongly recommended as it is the proper way to ultimately achieve a national   reconciliation, widening the political space, inclusive participation of relevant stakeholders  and set common vision for Ethiopia.
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Ethiopia shall continue to experience a renaissance of its former days and surely Ethiopia’s future glory shall be greater than its past glory, Amen!

By Yared Gizaw

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