Decline in unemployed in October according to NAV The number of people registered as fully unemployed decreased by 1,700 in October, according to seasonally adjusted… The post NAV: Decline in unemployed in October appeared first on Norway Today.

Via-Norway Today—–Gross unemployment, which includes job seekers participating in NAV programs, dropped by 1,900 .

– The trend with a decline in the reported number of registered unemployed and in gross unemployment continued in October. On a national basis, gross unemployment is back to the level found two years ago. Although gross unemployment is now dropping in the country as a whole, regional differences are still significant, says Director of Labour and Welfare, Sigrun Vågeng.

All in all a total of 66,000 were completely without employment registered with NAV in October this year, which constitutes a decrease of 11,800 since last year.

According to Nav’s figures, the number of people with no unemployment at all is at 2.4 per cent of the workforce, down from 2.8 per cent in the same month last year. 54 per cent of those receive unemployment benefits.

The figures also show a decline in additional unemployed. By the end of October, 10,300 who are without any work has been jobseekers for less than four weeks. This is 2,000 fewer than last year at the same time.


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