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According to a reliable source, the Executive Leadership is in do or die session so to speak! Although there were some disagreements from a strong minority on how to proceed the majority has prevailed and the meeting has started in earnest.

According to our source, a certain number from the OPDO and ANDM leadership were in the strong minority group while the rest were in the majority group. The meeting has started by listening to an individual leader grievances. According to our source, the grievance heard so far was presented by former OPDO leader.

His grievance was about TPLF supremacy and how he and his likes were marginalized. Our source told us even though TPLF leadership has admitted to some of their own weakness, most including some current and former OPDO leaders have disagreed with the assertion of the problem in Oromia is caused by TPLF supremacy!Our source told us the meeting is not all about individuals but about getting rid of the anti-federalism and anti-EPRDF thoughts that are being exhibited across the country. Apparently, EPRDF is dead serious the current negative political developments are inspired by internal dissent. According to our source, there will be noted that will not be addressed in this meeting.It is a make it or breaks it meeting and change are certain in many Federal and Regional institution!

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