Let’s get the facts straight on who ruled Ethiopia!

Tsedi Lemma, you are getting it wrong.  Dr. Abiye Ahmed is not  the first prime minister who identifies himself as an Oromo. In fact Dr. Abiye is  the fifth  Oromo to be the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. I thought  you at least know about Derg’s last Prime Minister, Prime Minister  Tesfaye Dinka.  You can read his memoir, “Ethiopia During the Derg Years” that was published in 2017 and he identifies himself as an Oromo Ethiopian.

In addition to Tesfaye Dinka, Ras Abebe Aregay, an Oromo and the Grandson of Gobena Dache the greatest, was  the  third Prime Minister of  Ethiopia from  27 November 1957 – 17 December 1960.
I was also expecting Tsedale, as someone who works to get the facts straight, correct the host of  BBC Africa  when he mistakenly said that Dr. Abiye Ahmed is  the country’s first Oromo leader because I expect  that Tsedale  at least know  Gen. Teferi Benti, an Oromo, was a president of Ethiopia from 28 November 1974 – 3 February 1977.
It is also on the record that Mengistu Hailemariam himself said he was born from an Oromo father. I don’t think General Tesfaye Gebrekidan, the last president of Ethiopia before the downwfall of the Derg, was none other than an Oromo. Ethiopian leaders with an Oromo bloodline aren’t new for centuries.
By Achamyeleh Tameru

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