Days After the Passage of HR128, Two Senior Ethiopian Military Heads Accused of Violations Submit Resignations


Teklebrhan Wolearegay.jpgTeklebrhan Wolearegay

By De Birhaner

Various Ethiopian media sources linked with the government are reporting that two military generals hailing from the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) have submitted resignation letters to the new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. They have been accused of several types of violations in the past.

The decision comes a few days after the US Congress passed a resolution known as HR128, which among others calls for the sanctioning of the officials of the current Ethiopian government involved in the violations of human rights.

They are B. Gen. Kinfe Dagnew, Metal & Engineering Corporation (MetEC), accused of misappropriation of billions of dollars damage in the Corporation, here, and  and  Major General Teklebirhan Weldearegay of the of Information Network Security Agency (INSA), who has been accused of hacking Ethiopian journalists and dissidents and targeting activists

It is yet unknown if the PM accepted their resignation letters.

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