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What the failed attempt on Dr. Abiy’s life should mean to us

By Addissu Admas – To whomever had the “brilliant idea” of attempting on the life of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed I say that you are the most despicable, irresponsible, cynical individual; not to mention that you are a deem wit, or more likely the most vicious idiot that has ever been involved in any conspiracy.

You should have known that the wave that brought this truly people’s Prime Minister could not have been stopped by “stopping” him. On the contrary, it would have ignited a genocidal rage that would have engulfed and consumed you, which you thoroughly deserve, but perhaps also our entire nation. I am simply presuming that you are an individual acting on his own. But the chances are, and from early indications, you are simply a cog in a wider conspiracy ring. Nevertheless, the epithets I have used to describe you apply equally and naturally to your fellow conspirators.

You should know that no amount of machinations, repressions, tortures and assassinations will ever stop the Ethiopian people from ever again losing their sight from their ultimate goal: they have seen what their nation could become through the words and actions of the Prime Minister, and nothing could stop them from wanting to achieve it. Have you ever seen in our recent history such spontaneous outpouring of support for any leader? Members of every ethnic group were present on Meskel Square, and on every square in the main cities and towns in the nations, to express their appreciation of their new young leader. What were you hoping for to accomplish? A return to, or rebirth of Meles Zenawi’s regime? Are you not sufficiently aware that the people have had it with your shameless tribalism, corruption, repression, tortures and killings? Clearly a new dawn has broken. Are you blind or what?
Dr. Abiy is not merely the only hope Ethiopians have for a peaceful transition to a more inclusive, equable, fair and democratic State. But also he is, at the same time, the best hope you have to step down without being totally annihilated by the wrathful vengeance of the people. Their loathing for you is such that not even their profoundly engrained religious traditions will be able to stop them. Not only will you lose all your ill-gotten power, privileges and wealth, but your lives as well. Your attempt was perhaps intended to plunge the country into a civil war, hoping in the confusion to make a run for the exit with all your plunders; like a thief would have. Let me assure you, you will be the first victims of any uprising: the people want a day of reckoning with you alone; they have nothing against each other.
I hope and pray that the irresponsible act was not concocted by some elements of the regime intent at leading the country into civil war, which would have eventually and ultimately led to its complete disintegration. In other words, to achieve what they have never been able to achieve through their so-called liberation fronts. To these I ask: can’t you see that the Ethiopian peoples have overwhelmingly voted for Unity? Have you not realized that a dis-united Ethiopia will not only not survive, but will forever languish in disarray and destitution? What lesson have we learned from Eritrea? What Ethiopians of every ethnicity do not want is to be enclosed and suffocate within their killils, but to be fully participant in the life of the nation. And this means to be proportionally and equitably represented in every branch of the federal government, bureaucracy, military and security apparatus while at the same time having equal rights and privileges of citizenship, without shirking from its obligations and duties. What the TPLF regime has failed to do is precisely this, and what the new PM wants to remedy is exactly this. And what the people are asking is to simply give Prime Minister Dr. Abiy the chance to clean up the mess accumulated by the TPLF regime for the past twenty-seven years. What this means is to end the preferential treatment of a single ethnic group over others; the over-dominance of one ethnicity of the entire federal government, bureaucracy, military and security. Not to mention the unreserved access and exploitation of opportunities offered by government, educational and financial institutions to members of one ethnic group over members of all other ethnic groups. But even perhaps more to the point, the most “ambitious” aim (and I say this of course with obvious irony) of Prime Minister Abiy has been to revive and rehabilitate the very democratic ideals enshrined in the constitution; promulgated I may add, by the constituent assembly gathered by the regime of Meles Zenawi.
By gathering on Meskel Square and other squares around the nation, un-coerced and un-solicited by the government, in numbers un-seen and un-heard of in Ethiopia’s long history, in support of Dr. Abiy, the Ethiopian people have made un-ambiguous declaration of their confidence in him to lead Ethiopia into a bright democratic future. Those who have made an attempt on his life could have been motivated only by extremely petty goals, or by a vindictiveness that defies reason. I can only say that they will meet their just deserts.
I also say that this attempt on the life of the Prime Minister should redouble our efforts to support him. I would even dare our people to gather again on even grander scale in every city, town and square to declare again our support for the PM. Such an act will not only deter another such odious act but will forever bury the arrogance of those who think they can thwart the will of the people and the trajectory of history. Support for Prime Minister Dr Abiy should signify for every Ethiopian the best opportunity Ethiopians have had in at least two generations to make a clean democratic start without any bloodshed. And this, my countrymen, is nothing short of an opportunity of a life-time: let us not squander it!

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