ENA – The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) said it will jointly work with the government and other stakeholders to ensure democracy and rule of law in the country.

Upon his arrival at Bole Airport after two decades of armed struggle in exile, leadership of the OLF including its chairman Dawud Ibsa has arrived in Addis Ababa today.

He addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters who gathered at Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square to welcome the returning leaders of the once-banned organization.

Dawud lauded the ongoing reform which enabled exiled opposition groups return home in order to struggle peacefully for the supremacy of the law and democracy.

“We want to have a discussion with the government and other opposition political parties on peace and rule of law how could it be implemented on the ground,” he indicated.

The chairman also urged other political parties and the government to respect and ensure the rule of law in order to nurture a democratic system in Ethiopia.

Noting on the current reforms which involved all Ethiopians and the country’s youth, Dawud said OLF has returned home to participate in the reform through a peaceful struggle.

He added that the front will hold extensive discussion with its supporters and people on ways of strengthening peaceful struggle in the country.

On his part Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa Takele Uma said Ethiopia has been struggling to end the time of agony, torture and arrest of its people.

The Deputy Mayor said that the sweeping reform which Ethiopia has been enjoying for the past few months is the triumph of Ethiopians including the Oromo people.

Recalling the suffering and humiliation of many Ethiopians who left the country, Takele said this will change in the future as the Horn African Nation has opened a new chapter of nation building, unity and love.

Takele has urged all the need to work together to ensure rule of law and democracy in the country.

Several political parties that have been in exile for more than two decades have been returning home accepting the invitation from the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The Premier, who assumed power in April, has invited the entire opposition group to return home and be part of the journey towards development and democratization.

Following the invitation, several measures were taken to allow the exiled political parties return home including the removal of parties from terrorist group list.

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Ginbot 7, and Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), one labeled as terrorist groups, are the parties that their names have removed from the list.

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