“Our true nationality is mankind.”H.G.


by T.Goshu

I read a comment on Facebook saying that we must support Prime Minister Dr. Abye Ahmend at this very critical moment.

Well, it is a good idea and we have to extend our support not for the very sake of supporting him but most importantly for our own sake.


How to help without making his own vision and plan of action clear and concrete and feasible?

How can we help whereas he is not courageous enough to say who is who in the making of the ongoing trouble?

Why he keeps complaining about unspecified enemy or destructive force of change?

How can we help whereas he did not tell the people on what condition he invited and welcomed those terribly destructive forces such as OLF?

How can we help whereas he is not acting like a head of government when OLF and anarchist youngsters are trying to take over his government?

How can we help whereas it is difficult to identify him either as a religious preacher or the leader of the real world of politics?

How can we help whereas he is not able to figure out the difference between real peace making and mere pacifism?

How can we help whereas he allowed armed soldiers to crash his gate and door and forced him to respond to their will and made a lot of ridiculous fan and picture show right on the eyes of not only Ethiopians but the world and not telling the truth as soon as it had to be told ?

Do we remember before this change of political direction( during people’s pursing) that EPRDF took thousands of young Ethiopians to military camps in the name of juvenile training and correctional measures and forcing them to wear T-Shirts saying “Never Again or Ayedegmenim!?”

We witnessed the same dirty political drama today when more than one thousand Addis Ababa youth were “graduating after intensive courses of juvenile training and indoctrination” from the military camp of Tolay . They were forced to wear T-shirts saying “Peace belongs to us .Let us keep it!”

This clearly shows that history repeats itself though the context may be different. To force them to wear T-Shirts with this very misleading slogan is nothing else but the very dirty political game of dehumanizing not only those who “graduated” but also the Ethiopian youth in general. Because to force someone to do something he or she either is not convinced to do or does not like to do or he or she is not responsible for   is dehumanization.

Do we believe that the PM response about this ugly political drama was really genuine and convincing? Not at all!
How we can help him whereas he is not courageous enough to behave and act as a head of one hundred million people? I am asking about action, not rhetoric.

By the way, what does peace mean?

Peace is the very prevalence of both physical and mental health and the availability and accessibility of material wealth that is essential for the fulfillment and development of the two. Peace does not simply mean the absence of war. What is going on in our country? Is there peace to keep in a real sense of the term? Absolutely no! How can the youth keep the peace that is not on the ground at all? Does what happened to those “graduates” show the existence of real peace? Is that what the slogans on those T-Shirts are telling us? Absolutely not!

Is this not an insult to millions of innocent people who have lost everything and displaced from their owm country as if they are unlawful aliens?

Is it not an insult to hundreds of innocent citizens who have been tragically murdered?

Is it not an insult to millions of parents who have lost not only their belongings or properties but also their loved ones because of the horrible mutual destruction (brothers/sisters against brothers/sisters)?

Is it not an insult to the people of Ethiopia who are suffering from all kinds of misery?

Is it not an insult to peace itself as far as its real sense of meaning is concerned?

Yes, peace is not even in our minds in the real sense of the term let alone in the family of each ordinary Ethiopian. Unfortunately enough, peace exists just at the very Sharpe tip of our tongues which is of course highly misleading and disingenuous. We have to go a long way and through big and serious challenges if a real sense of peace has to be realized and enjoyed.

We have to support the PM and his team if only and only if they help us by keeping their words and promise of actions and move forward accordingly. To this end, there is a need to create a political environment that should be conducive to all genuinely concerned stake holders , and to hold responsible and accountable those groups which are not and cannot be positive forces of the ongoing struggle for genuine freedom, justice, human rights, equal opportunity , and mutual benefit.