Tension remained high in Marsabit County along the Kenya-Ethiopia border following the killing of 11 people in Forolle area over a dispute on a watering pointReports indicated that fierce fighting between locals in North Horr constituency and the militia entered the second day on Tuesday.Locals said two people were also wounded and another four are reported missing after the insurgents from Ethiopia hoodwinked residents of Ulan village into attending a peace meeting over a disputed pool of water only to open fire on them.Those who perished in the gruesome incident were identified as Dido Kiro, Budha Saqo, Wario Darole, Elema Girgira, Boru Elema, Dulacha Bora, Dub Galgalo, Galgalo Khafo, Boru Chuute, Boya Elema and Roba Wario.

Marsabit county commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said he was yet to be furnished with details of the said incident, but promised action to solve the conflict.Local leaders and professionals yesterday met in a Nairobi hotel to condemn what they termed as heinous massacre of their clan members by the attackers.Led by former Turbi Ward Member of the County Assembly Yattani Wario, the leaders claimed that the killing was well organised.“It’s unfortunate the officials tricked about 15 Gabra elders from Forole area in North Horr Sub County to attend a peace meeting along the border. The meeting later turned into bloody slaughter of 11 elders and wounding of three others,” Wario said.  He said the attack happened on Monday at about 11am.

He said they fear the number of causalities was likely to rise as fighting was still going on by Tuesday morning along the volatile border.Mr Wario said all the victims were elderly above 60 years old who were sprayed with bullets by the attackers after a disagreement over a watering point.“Sadly after the incident no security officers from Kenyan side responded to the attack barely 24 hours after the killings yet a police station is situated four kilometers from the scene”, he said.Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai flew to Isiolo and Samburu counties yesterday to quell another tension but did not visit the affected place.  He was advised against flying to the place as it was deemed still insecure and dangerous.

Speaking in Nairobi, the leaders blamed the bloody conflicts on a section of politicians in Marsabit County with Ethiopian roots for allegedly funding clashes in the region.They called on the state to return firearms that were confiscated from the National police reservists since March.

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