ADDIS ABABA– As Ethiopia is an ancient state, founding member of the African Union (AU), and home to the second-largest African population, it will not take part in a public relations gimmick to resolve the Ethio-Sudan border issues.

This remark came when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti responded to question whether Sudan’s recent accusation is true or not.

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As to him, Sudan should maintain the longstanding status quo with a view to resolving the ongoing Ethio-Sudan border skirmishes once and for all . “Engaging in a publicity gimmick has no use for both countries.”

Ambassador Dina also underlined that a border dispute could never be solved through waging war or military buildup near Ethio -Sudan border areas.

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Previous mutual agreements and exchange of notes between the two sisterly countries are the governing preconditions to settle the ongoing border skirmish with peaceful and diplomatic negotiations, he added.

“Ethiopia’s firm stance on a peaceful settlement of the Ethio-Sudan border issues remains intact and uncompromising,” he said.

Ethiopia has been repeatedly calling upon the Sudanese counterpart to evacuate its forces from the Ethiopian territorial land and to choose diplomatic means in settling the border skirmish, Ambassador Dina underscored.

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The Ethiopian herald January 15/2021


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