(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday held encouraging conversation with United States Senator Jim Inhofe on the current situation in the Tigray Regional State.

Abiy and Senator Jim Inhofe exchanged views on the unfettered access to humanitarian organizations in Tigray.

Senator Jim Inhofe encouraged by the significant step undertaken to promote access to Tigray Region.

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He noted that the opening access to the Tigray region which is a significant development that represents a positive turn around that will promote regional stability and transparency.

Following the discussion Senator Inhofe released a statement that stated “I’m encouraged by this significant step that Prime Minister Abiy took to promote access to the Tigray region, especially for international relief organizations.”

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“Since being elected in 2018, Prime Minster Abiy has been a transformational leader in Ethiopia. I am confident that his work at advancing regional stability and prosperity will continue,” he said.

Prime Minister Abiy and Senator Jim Inhofe promised to continue talking in the coming weeks and months.


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